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-Carnival Daring-Do

 video collaboration with Carla Poindexter2009:


-Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art, 2009

-New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, 2009

-Society of Composers, Inc. National Conference, 2009


-Sunday Night Multimedia Concert Series, Montana State University, 2009

-Western Oregon University New Music Festival, 2009

-Ball State University, 2009

-Washington State University Festival of Contemporary Art Music, 2009


"Lyrical Works by Carla Poindexter,"

 Lake Eustis Museum of Art, 2008:


-Raindance Film Festival, 2008

-Third Practice Festival, 2008

-MusicBYTES Concert Series, Lewis University, 2008

-Electroacoustic Juke Joint, 2008

-Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art Gallery, 2008

-"I See a Cat" - La Esquina Gallery, Kansas City, 2008

-Moondance Film Festival, 2008

-Edinburgh College of Art, 2008

-Electronic Music Midwest, 2008

-Palm Beach International Film Festival, 2008

-Fresno Filmworks Film Festival, 2008

-Tallahassee Film Festival

, 2008

-Athens International Film and Video Festival, 2008

-XMV Experimental Music Video Series, Tribeca NYC, 2008

-Digital Art in the Post-Digital Age: Polk County Museum of Art Exhibition, 2008


 for flute and tape

-SEAMUS National Conference, 2009

-Electroacoustic Juke Joint 

Songs My Radio Taught Me

 for marimba, 2009

-College Music Society - Southern Chapter Conference, 2009

-Syracuse University, 2009

-Rollins College, 2007

-Mancala Variations

 for digital audio 2009

-Southeast Louisiana University, 2009

-Slumber Music

 for violoncello and piano

-2nd Annual Benefit for the Heuga Center, 2008

-Passacaglia Variations

 for two cellos

2nd Annual Benefit for the Heuga Center, 2008

-Goodnight, Nobody

 for flute, vibraphone, violin, and violoncello

The Cadillac Moon Ensemble, Astoria, NY, 2008

  Vox Novus Concert Series, NY, 2008


-Guest Composer, Southeastern Louisiana University (2008)

Awards and Commissions:

-Slumber Music

 for cello and piano, commissioned by Annie Sundquist, 2008

-Songs my Radio Taught Me

 for marimba, commissioned by Juan Alamo, 2008

-Carnival Daring-Do

 recognized at Festival Synthèse 2008, Bourges, France (2008)


 Finalist for VI Concurso Internacional de Miniaturas Electroacusticas (2008)

-Carnival Daring-D


: Finalist for London International Film Festival (2008)

-Certificate of Merit from the High Falls Film Festival for 

Carnival Daring-Do



-"An Introduction to Composition Pedagogy" Panelist, 2009

-College Music Society Southern Regional Chapter, 2009

-"The Composer as Podcaster: Artistic, Pedagogical, and Practical Considerations," 2009


-CMS/ATMI National Conference, 2008

-TI:ME/OMEA Conference, 2008

-College Music Society Super-Regional Conference, Louisiana State University, 2008